Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Hugh Myddelton Primary School
Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Our Staff

Executive Headteacher Ms. Nathalie Parker

Head of School

Mr. Tim Barber

Deputy Headteacher

(Teaching, Learning and Assessment)


Ms. Sarah Gill

Assistant Headteacher

(Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare)

Ms. Annabel Le Moine

Assistant Headteacher

(Early Years)

Ms. Tracy Bhattachary

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

Ms. Stephanie Taylor

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Senior Education Welfare Officer

Mr. Fernando Persio

Phase Leader

(Upper Key Stage 2)

Ms. Sophie Dixon


Phase Leader

(Lower Key Stage 2)

Ms. Annabel Le Moine

Phase Leader

(Key Stage 1)

Ms. Johanna Cooper (maternity leave)

Ms. Nikki Leung (maternity cover)

Phase Leader

(Early Years)

 Ms. Lia White

Lead Teacher for English

Ms. Sophie Robinson

Music Department

Mr. Joelle Phillips (Music Co-ordinator)

Ms. Judith Richmond  (Brass Teacher)

Ms. Felicity Gorst (Woodwind Teacher)

Personal Development Team

Ms. Kate Elander (Lead Teacher for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education)

Ms. Hattie Roberts (Lead Teacher for Outdoor Learning)

Ms. Carolyn Conway (Physical Education)

Mr. Dinos Platides (Physical Education)

Year 6 Team

Ms. Sophie Dixon

Ms. Sophie Robinson

Mr. Joe Beaman (Trainee Teacher)

Ms. Jennifer Gibson (Lead Teacher for the Humanities)

Ms. Carol Parkes (Teaching Assistant)

Mr. Leon Kelly (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 Team  

Ms. Harriet Roberts

Mr. Tim Cole


Ms. Cheryl Clayton (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 4 Team

Ms. Annabel Le Moine

Ms. Sarah Kennedy (Lead Teacher for STEM)

Mr Patrick McLaughlin


Ms. Carol Norman (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 Team

Ms. Sophie Sempers (Lead Teacher for the Arts)

Ms. Claire Andrews


Ms. Claire Storey (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 Team     

Ms. Nikki Leung

Ms. Deana Dawe (Lead Teacher for French)


Ms. Joanna Hutton (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. Aishah Jinwala (Teaching Assistant & French Teacher)

Mr. Nicholas Demetriou (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Team

Ms. Morven McDonald

Ms. Natalie Long


Ms. Hulya Tarim (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. Sharon Dean (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Team

Ms. Lia White

Ms. Hannah Wassell


Ms. Dana Jeffryes (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. Sophie Bardy (Early Years Education Worker)

Nursery Team

Ms. Aleta Ramsey

Ms. Anna Cieslik


Ms. Sophie Braybrook (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. Maria Nunes (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. Donna Sezer (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Ms. Dewi Sutoto (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Ms. Mary Bardy (Midday Meals Supervisor)

2+ Centre Team

Ms. Ashley Cummins (Early Years Lead Practitioner)


Ms. Louise O'Dwyer (Early Years Education Worker)

Ms. Kayleigh Pettitt (Early Years Education Worker)

Interventions Teacher               - Ms. Mehwish Bhatti

SEND Teaching Assistants         - Ms. Farhana Yasmin (Speech and Language)

                                           - Ms. Lisa Fairhead (KS2 Interventions)


Administration Team

Senior Administration Officer     - Ms Kim Dempster

Administration Assistants          - Ms Linda Cairns

    - Ms Barbara Rogers


Premises Team

Premises Manager                   - Mr. Eric Butler

Premises Assistant                   - Mr. Liam Williams


Extended Schools Team

Extended Schools Coordinator   - Ms. Karen Jacobs

Playcentre Manager                - Ms. Michelle Tedore

Playworker                            - Ms Pamela Field

                                           - Ms Sharon Dean

                                           - Ms Lisa Fairhead

Breakfast Club                       - Ms Carrie Croft

                                          - Ms Zelal Sahin

                                          - Ms Jessica Grove

                                          - Ms Lisa Fairhead

                                          - Ms Wendy Cassell


School Cook                          - Ms. Ann Rougier