Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Pupils conduct themselves well at lunchtime and enjoy taking part in the wide range of activities available for them.

The quality of teaching is improving. Well chosen resources and methods engage the pupils and stimulate their imagination.

This year, the school has successfully increased pupils' rates of progress across the school and raised their attainment.

In the early years the teaching of phonics has improved considerably and children's reading skills are improving rapidly.

In the early years children feel safe and work and play in a harmonious atmosphere. They show enthusiasm, imagination and curiosity when exploring resources and the activities provided.

The new programme for teaching phonics is resulting in good progress and rising attainment.

The most able pupils make good progress in mathematics, with a significant number reaching high levels by the end of year 6.

Pupils at Key Stage 1 are showing much improved understanding and confidence to apply their skills when meeting new words.

Children behave well throughout the early years. They are kind, caring and form trusting relationships with adults.

Ofsted, June 2015

Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School Life at Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Welcome to Hugh Myddelton Primary School

Our Values and Ethos

At Hugh Myddelton Primary School we believe in laying the foundations on which children can build their futures. Staff work hard to instil an early love for learning: they aim to capture and nurture it, enabling our children to grow into confident, independent and successful individuals.

Our curriculum aspires to equip children with the knowledge, understanding and basic skills they will need as they continue their learning journey through primary education and beyond. We value the parallel development of our children’s personal, social and academic skills, firmly believing that these are fundamental to them achieving success in all aspects of their future lives.

We aim to provide a creative and stimulating learning environment within which we expect our learners to aim for and achieve the highest possible standards in all they do. We also count on the full support of parents and carers. Hugh Myddelton aspires to be a happy, vibrant and successful school community where everyone tries their very best.

Ms Nathalie Parker
Mr Tim Barber
Deputy Headteacher



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